Meet Our Team

Meet the team at CyberPoint Media LLC, a group of over 100 experts who work together to provide high-quality, informative content for our readers. Our team comprises writers, digital marketers, PPC experts, developers, and designers. We would like to highlight some of our team leaders who are instrumental in the success of our media company

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Pooja Yadav


Leads our team with her extensive experience in the media industry. She is responsible for the overall strategy and direction of the company.

Om Prakash Yadav

HR Manager

Responsible for the financial and administrative aspects of the company. He ensures that the company runs smoothly and efficiently.



Responsible for ensuring that our review websites provide accurate and informative reviews to our readers.



Responsible for the quality and accuracy of the content on our review websites. He leads a team of writers to provide informative and reliable reviews.


SEO Manager

Responsible for ensuring that our websites are optimized for search engines and reach the widest possible audience.


Website Manager

Responsible for managing the technical aspects of our websites, including design, development, and maintenance.


PPC Manager

Responsible for managing our paid advertising campaigns and ensuring they effectively reach our target audience.



Responsible for the technical aspects of our company, including website development, data management, and IT infrastructure.


Technical Mastermind

The real brain behind the success of CyberPoint. He is responsible for ensuring that all the websites are up-to-date and running smoothly.